About us

The Vivekananda Centenary Memorial Institute (VCMI) and Vivekananda Cultural Institute (VCI) was formed with the sole intention of promoting the philosophy and ideals of Swami Vivekananda.  VCI will become the hub of all spiritual and cultural activities in Trivandrum.  We are willing to work closely with like minded  organisations like Sree Ramakrishna ashram and various other religious organisations here.

We provide a forum for conducting spiritual discourses, bhajans, ritualistic dance performance, Carnatic music programs etc. Dramas with social content,  humourous  plays and skits are also held here. Yoga classes are conducted for young people. We welcome all religious groups to conduct various programs here.  We subscribe to the view: Ekam Sat. Viprah bahudha vadhanti.

The Truth is but One. The learned ones interpret it in different ways.

Many years ago a committee was formed to decide how best to celebrate the centenary of Swami Vivekananda’s birth. The meeting was presided over by the Governor H.E.V.V.Giri. A committee was formed. Sri Pattom Thanu Pillai who was the chief minister at that time was made the president. Other committee members included Swami Tapasyananda of Ramakrishna Mission, Vice Chancellor of Kerala University, Sri. K P.Kesava Menon, Dr C.O.Karunakaran (Hon.Secretary), Dr R.Kesavan Nair, Sri B.S.Sankaran Nair and Dr N.Krishnan Tampi. They decided that formal celebrations be held during 1963-64. It was also decided to construct a Centenary Memorial building.

Kerala University responded to a request by  Dr C.O. Karunakaran, Secretary, Swami Vivekananda Centenary  Celebration Committee  for allotment of land for the construction of Vivekananda Cultural Institute  behind the Kerala University Building, Palayam, Trivandrum 695 034. Accordingly 50 cents of land was allotted for the purpose, about 50 years ago.  An extra fifteen feet of land was given considering the future widening of the road in front of VCI.  The senate and syndicate of Kerala University approved the decision.  It was ratified by the secretary, Dept. of Education, Govt. of Kerala.

In the Government order it was stated that the land was being given for the sole purpose of propagating the ideals and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda.  The land will revert to the Kerala University if not put to the proposed use.

In 1967 the Rotary Club of Trivandrum represented by its Hon: Secretary Rtn. M.Narayanan  made an offer to Vivekananda Centenary Memorial Institute  to build construct and donate an assembly hall in the said premises. The offer was accepted by VCMI. The agreement drawn up stipulated that. In 1968 the building construction was completed. VCMI donated Rs.15,000 and Rotary Club of Trivandrum donaed Rs.85,000 out of which Rs.18,000 came from the Hassan Marikar Trust.

Promotion of International fellowship and service to the poor were common goals of VCMI and the Rotary movement. Collaboration between the two was a logical step. The new managing committee which came into effect in 1968 had Mrs Lakshmi N. Menon as the president, Dr C..O.Karunakaran, vice president, Sri C.G.G. Panicker, Hon.Secretary, Dr Krishnan Tampi, Treasurer and Sri K.C.Pillai as Jt. Secretary. This committee stated that their aim was to construct a library, day hostel, cafeteria and a dozen rooms for visiting scholars.